Market Monitor

Continuously monitor (potential) sales markets with this interactive dashboard for market trends and developments. Ideal for (sales) managers looking at growth opportunities.

Available within one week

Your online dashboard is set up within one week. You receive a summary with core insights on a monthly basis.

Spot growth opportunities and market potential faster

Includes the most recent market data and the possibility to integrate your own market shares

Increase the effectiveness of your sales organization

Set better goals and sales targets. Decrease the influence of gut feeling by fact-based sales meetings and client visits.

The demand for high-quality market data is often ad hoc. For example when assessing market potential or growth opportunities.

Collecting, cleaning and combining market data is labor intensive. That is why not all companies fully exploit the value of market data.

A missed opportunity, as good market analyses provide strategic insights. The companies that do use market data can respond faster and better to trends and developments in the market.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with the Market Monitor

In the Market Monitor, our analysts provide you with production, trade and consumption data from various public sources combined in one interactive dashboard.

Do you want better insight into your market position too? We integrate your market share compared to the total import flow (or for example consumption) for a country.

With this online dashboard you can also:

●     Modify your own selection by region, month and year, and value to generate customized analyses. Useful in objectifying your management meeting or strategic session.

●     Visualize your own market shares in various sales markets, so you can quickly discover how your company is performing in its most important export and growth markets.

●     Look beyond regions. We map worldwide trade flows, providing you with a complete overview of your product and sales markets.

You receive e-mail notifications when data in your dashboard is updated and a newsletter with relevant insights about your value chain.

Do you want access to the most recent market information and market shares at all times, enabling you to respond quickly to relevant market developments?

The Market Monitor is the solution.

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