Company Analysis

Quickly obtain an objective overview of your main competitors and partners with the Company Analysis. Perfect for directors and C-level management to support strategic plans.

Available within 14 days

Receive a clear-cut analysis within two weeks after filing of the annual report.

Reliable method

Proven with over 200 clients. For unambiguous and structured peer-to-peer comparison.

Figures ánd insights

Other data-driven solutions offer data or software, requiring you to process the information yourself. Annual Insight processes the information ánd provides actionable insights for your strategy.

Useful data is available everywhere.

Data from annual reports, professional publications and national media. Qualitative and quantitative data is abundant and freely available. And new data is released daily.

This is valuable, because as a manager you aim to support your strategic decisions with facts. But where do you start?

Processing data takes time and resources

You need smart systems to process data and a fixed methodology for comparing figures. You also have to translate it into the right insights and actions.

Although your perception as a specialist is valuable, without factual support you might make false assumptions. You may also miss relevant developments.

Resulting in: an incorrect assessment of your competitor or partner. Possibly negatively affecting important decisions, for example on budget, strategy and acquisitions.

Quickly obtain the right data insights with the Annual Insight Company Analysis.

Do you want quick answers to questions like: Where is my competitor growing? What investments does my competitor make or what is the financial position of my suppliers?

The Company Analysis offers the solution.

Our analysts are specialized in Food & Agricultural and Public & Health. Our teams offer you the figures in perspective of market developments. Moreover, we directly translate them into actionable insights.

The Company Analysis Support your strategy with company analyses of competitors, suppliers or buyers.   


Quickly offers you an objective overview of your main competitors and partners.

Annual Insight Company Analysis – Quick facts:

Available within 14 days

One or more company analyses of competitors, suppliers or buyers.

Extensive management report including core insights, clear graphs and a glossary. Easy to distribute within your organization.

● Net sales, profitability and cost levels
● Cash flows and returns
● Investments and financial position
● Staff
● Legal group structure

+ Insights from our sector analysts

Available as one-off or annual subscription.

Annual subscription includes:
● Automated updates when new figures are filed, including e-mail notifications. The latest insights are highlighted.
● Access to our online portal: one central environment for all your analyses. Including chat function, custom newsfeed and suggestions for relevant companies to monitor.

Optional: Workshop Data-Intelligence

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