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Full-service competitor, customer and supplier tracking concept optimizes the strategic value of public company information.

External company information offers great value – but 99% of all companies fail to capitalize on the benefits.

Annual Insight Intelligence is changing this: we have demonstrated how we can retrieve accurate insights from public company information. More than 300 clients already make use of our services. Our Intelligence service offers the total solution to the optimum utilization of the available financial company information in tracking stakeholders.

““Improved and faster strategic decision-making – it’s the result of the technology and know-how that Annual Insight combines in its Intelligence service.””
- Robert van Ballegooijen, COO Royal A-ware

Always up to date

We, with our in-house developed IT, are the first to know that new market data is available and you are always up to date.


Online Dashboard

Our online dashboard ensures that you always have ready access to all data wherever you are.


Worldwide cover

We offer analyses of both Dutch and international companies.

Twee vitale componenten die elkaar aanvullen.

In-depth company analyses

Newly-retrieved information is processed by one of our specialized analysts to create crystal-clear insights. We perform these analyses with Annual Insight format, the product of 7 year's hands-on development.


Powerful visuals present a comparison of KPIs within a peer group. The insights from these benchmarks cut through the sector like a knife.

The world is our playground: a scope of more than 70 countries

Data-driven desk research: the world really is our playground. Our searches and analyses of data from thousands of companies and hundreds of markets in more than 70 countries find even the most obscure international competition.

Always up to date

Our in-house developed software alerts us immediately a company files new financial statements, or when there are any developments. We update your analysis when this new information is of relevance to you, and we inform you of developments. You are assured that you always have up-to-date information.

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