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We are Annual Insight.

We are convinced that things really can be done differently – which we continually demonstrate to our customers!

Annual Insight – disruptive, and growing like wildfire.

Our explosive growth is the result of our success in capitalizing on the increasing amount of publicly available data. We analyse company, market and consumer data to obtain manageable information that our customers can use to formulate and implement their strategy. Our Amsterdam- based team of students and young professionals, from a range of academic backgrounds, use their analytical and commercial talents to assist and support medium-sized and large Dutch and international companies.


We are enthusiastic and motivated – we don't stop until we are really satisfied with the result.


We always feel the natural urge to find out exactly how it all fits together.


Our team includes several former and present top sportsmen and women – and we all have a strong will to win.

A = N·(ln 2)/t½

We enjoy solving the most complicated puzzles – and the more the merrier!


We are always searching for opportunities to shape and open up new markets – why compete when you can also create?


In your mid-twenties, and playing the role of a strategic sparring partner for CEOs – it takes courage!

Are you suited to a fast-track career at a young and explosively growing company?