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Quickly obtain an objective and actual view on market and company developments? Our analysis tools for municipalities and commercial companies make this easy. For a one-off competitor, market or risk analysis. Or a structural benchmark or tailor made solution.

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“Annual Insight has shown us the value of publicly available information”.

Robert van Ballegooijen, COO Royal A-ware

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Annual Insight has shown us the value of publicly available information

Robert van Ballegooijen

COO, Royal A-ware

I have not yet come across a party that can do the same - we use the insights from Annual Insight both financially and in our business operations.

Eric Baank

Projectleader Social Domain, Municipality of Amsterdam

If you grow fast as a company, benchmarking is of great importance to be able to quantitatively compare your performance against the competition.

Hanneke Broekhuizen

Commercial Director, Koninklijke Euroma

For relatively little money, you gain more insight into the market and your competitors.

Marco van Flierenburg

Finance Director Global Operations, McCain Foods

With the Company Analysis we increase our market and competitive intelligence

Arjan Kerkhoff

Head of market & Competitor Intelligence, Head of market & Competitor Intelligence, BASF-Nunhems

Annual Insight offers analysis that go deeper and contain more than just finance, so that we can respond better to developments.

Paul Stokman

Financial Manager, CONO Kaasmakers

Annual Insight's financial benchmark supported our acquisition plan with numerical facts

Klaas Fuite

CEO, Bakkerij Fuite

A solid strategy based on insights from data

Connecting expertise to facts. Comprehend markets and competitors and utilize your growth potential.

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Visually substantiate (sales) tactics with current data from your own online dashboard.

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Objectify internal discussion during meetings. And get your entire team on board with customized data workshops.

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Stay ahead of the competition with email alerts, data and news updates in your own market.


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